Thursday Real Talk: A Burning Desire for Change

Do you ever get to a stage where you feel that if something doesn’t change in your life, you won’t have the space to grow? I like to call this A Burning Desire for Change.

I think I’m at that stage and sometimes it’s hard to understand where it’s come from, where it’s going and what will happen next. It’s a flow. And a somewhat terrifying flow for people (like myself as my friends and family would confirm) who do not like change.

Change is defined as; to alter or modify; an act or process in which something becomes different. Thanks Google.

I think the word that stands out to me the most here, and it could be quite different for you reading this, is process. Change is a process. Change is not linear, nor can it be sudden in some instances or can it be forever. But something about change is that once the idea has sprouted in your mind, body and soul, it can be hard to quiet it down.

Desire is defined as; strongly wishing for or wanting something. … Wanting.

So if we put together – a wanting to alter the process of things, we have A Burning Desire for Change.

My wanting the alter the process of things has come in the form of going back to study. I am currently underway in studying to become a Librarian Assistant. I love bookstores and have a want to be in them long-term. However, there is a burning desire inside of me to experience books and what we can do in the form of books and community combined. And this comes in the form of a library. I guess from the outside looking in, there is starting to be a melding of Social Work values and books.

What an exciting and nerve racking time ahead! But again, change is not linear and nothing in life goes to plan. Sometimes, as humans we just need to take one day at a time. One breathe at a time. One change at a time.

Are you a lover of change? At what stage of life did your Burning Desire for Change come around?

Mel x

A little refresh

Here she is, in all her BEAutiful glory 😍

On melreviewsherbooks, we’ve had a branding and logo change. This idea and desire came from my longtime following of @holliestartup and seeing the wonderful, warm and personal illustrations she continuously creates. An idea formed of, “Why don’t I have something a little personal of my own?”.

Hollie is the most kind, intelligent and easy creative to converse with and she has honestly created the ideal image for me. I truely believe, and those who know me personally will agree, that this wraps up all that I am.

So here you have it. This is the true Mel; book reading; coffee drinking; muffin eating; overall wearing; Peachy cat mum; and overall cosy gal.

I’m planning on a few cool things happening around here this year, so keep your eyes peeled and your emails well checked πŸ˜‰πŸ’«