Kindle Vs. Paperback

Here is the ongoing debate of Kindle versus Paperback books. I recently had a lovely discussion with my artistic, intelligent and avid reader friend, Elle, about this topic. We both own Kindles and we both agree that a Kindle is modern-age and portable way of reading. We discuss the use of our Kindles often and talk about the pros and cons of reading digitally.

I have just been gifted a Kindle and if you’ve read my 2022 book goals (click here to see them if you missed it), you will have seen that I am wanting to read more on Kindle for the sake of saving money and precious book shelf space – to which I actually have no shelf space left 🤣 The Kindle I received was the Paperwhite 11th Gen (click here to see this type of Kindle) and honestly, I find it so easy to read on. Here are the reasons one avid book reader may like to invest in a Kindle:

⭐️ Portability ⭐️ Storage ⭐️ Money-Saver (in the long run. Initial cost can be a hit to the bank account) ⭐️ Easily read multiple books at the one time ⭐️ Lowering your environmental footprint ⭐️ Read at night time without additional lamp or ceiling lighting ⭐️ Small and compact ⭐️ Light-weight and slim, perfect for handbags or travel bags ⭐️ Easily enlarge text ⭐️ Digital highlighting ⭐️ Dictionary & Translator built in (which is one of my favourite features) ⭐️ Connected to GoodReads reviewing app ⭐️ Can buy new books in an instant ⭐️ Size of a book isn’t as overwhelming because you don’t see your physical progress, you just keep tapping the page and see your percentage down in the bottom corner ⭐️

These pros are really cool, don’t get me wrong! But, it is only fair for us to look at the cons of reading on a Kindle:

⭐️ No book feel ⭐️ No book smell ⭐️ Can’t loan your books to other people ⭐️ Flat battery ⭐️ Cannot physically make annotations in margins or put tags inside the books ⭐️ No bookmarks ⭐️ No physical connection to the book (eg. no hugging, throwing, passionately waving 🤣) ⭐️ Cannot see the coloured book cover all the time ⭐️ Sometimes skips past the book cover and dedication when initially opening a Kindle book ⭐️ Can become too easy to spend money on new books ⭐️ Loss of connection to physical bookstores and libraries ⭐️ Spending more time on technology ⭐️ Cannot appreciate a book you’ve just competed sitting on your shelf ⭐️

At the end of our ongoing discussions about Kindles, Elle and I always agree that there is no such joy, pleasure and comfort as reading a physical book. There is no comparison. Yes, Kindles make our life easier like most technology devices that are created but sometimes the good old fashioned way is still the best. I will always be a physical book lover because I love everything that goes along with it. I love the heftiness of a book, the page turning feeling and the hugging 🤗 I also love bookstores, libraries and all things connected to the environment of books as they always seem to have a calming effect on me. I would love to hear your perspectives and why you read on either Kindle or Paper – comment below 💬

My 2022 Book Goals

  1. Read 50 book again 📚
  2. Read 15 books off my combined GoodReads TBR and physical bookshelf that have sat unread for too long (ekk 🙈)
  3. Read more from the Literature genre (I’ve been throughly enjoying it of late)
  4. Visit and borrow from my local library each month ✅
  5. (Here is a controversial one …) Read at least one book on my Kindle each month ✅

Okay now let me explain these a little more …

Last year I accomplished one of my biggest reading goals I’ve ever set – 50 book! And I did it! 🥳 I aim to pick up more literary novels this year as it is a growing pleasure. Hopefully a large amount of this 50 will be literary.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a new book and if I’m honest with you, I will still be buying new books – just probably on Kindle or with careful decision making as to whether I really really need the physical copy. I’ve made this goal and decision because my bookshelf is F U L L !! I have no space whatsoever for more books, therefore I need to start reading through all the books I own. Some of these include, ‘Cresent City’ by Sarah J Maas, ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Heather Morris, ‘American Dirt’ by Jenine Cummins & ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ By Anthony Doerr. I’m one pretty lucky girl to own such amazing books already!

My local library is awesome and they have an abundance of books, from a wide span of genres! I need to utilise my library card a little more this year 📚 And as for my Kindle, I recently upgraded to the new Kindle Paperwhite with the warming back light. I did this because it is more portable (for when I travel), it’s less harsh on my eyes than just the blue light and well… its much more affordable.

Comment down below what your book goals are for 2022? 💫